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What's Your Soap Opera Scenario?
krisitn, in your soap opera scenario, you're The New Girl in Town

While the rest of the town is swapping lovers, backstabbing friends, and selling family out, The New Girl in Town is one of the few characters with any real heart — or integrity. Somehow The New Girl makes it through all the episodes untarnished, with her sterling reputation and optimism intact.

While you may not have just fallen off the turnip truck like The New Girl in Town, you probably share a certain sunny disposition with her, looking on the bright side of things, and giving people the benefit of the doubt. And because of your outlook, people are probably irresistibly attracted to you.

If your half-stepbrother were accused of stealing a secret formula, you'd probably be first to run to his defense — trying to uncover clues that point to the true culprit. When they free him on all charges and arrest the right man, people probably won't even start nasty rumors about the coincidence that you started dating the Chief of Police around the same time that your bro was first arrested.

So enjoy your popularity as The New Girl in Town. Just watch your back for those folks who don't have such kind intentions or you might find yourself careening off a cliff or getting framed for someone else's transgressions. That's the only way anyone could get a New Girl in Town like you down.
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